who we are

what is planar prod?

planar prod is an independent podcast network based in the uk, founded with the intent of telling queer stoires through genre fiction. our first show, the attic monologues, is a full-cast urban fantasy and horror podcast first launched in 2021. planar prod launched shortly afterwards in 2022 with the aim of sharing more free-to-listen podcasts with a wider audience. since then, the hidden bookcase, a book club podcast reading primarily queer science-fiction and fantasy literature, has also been launched by the network.

our story

planar prod was started by morgan greensmith and sorren briarwood, two childhood friends who grew up telling stories together, from school lunches spent writing fanfiction, to long evenings spinning tales at a table scattered with dice. we've always loved the uniquely accessible medium podcasting provides, and the freedom it offers to tell the kinds of stories that matter to us. with planar prod, we hope to share inclusive tales that inspire, enchant, and ensare.

accessibility statement

at planar prod, we're committed to ensuring the widest possible audience is able to enjoy our shows. In our efforts to make them as accessible as possible, all of or shows:

  • release transcripts in tandem with each new episode, available on our website.
  • include content warnings in the show notes of each episode.
  • are available on as many free-to-use platforms as possible.

planar prod is an independent network that welcomes new showrunners, and all of us have a lot to learn. If there's anything we can do to improve your listening experience, please contact us at planarpod@gmail.com, and we will do our best to implement any improvements that we can.

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