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want to make something in an audio medium? already have a show that you want to be a part of the network? we're always excited to work with new voices and we'd love to help you create your podcast.

planar prod projects are currently run on crowdfunding and donations: we can't guarantee payment for a show made on our platform right now, although we hope to do so in the future. we can, however, connect you with our network, share what we've learned, spotlight you on our website and socials, or support you in other ways.

sometimes we get voice actors wanting to work with us filling out the pitch form- please note that this is for those with an idea for a show, rather than those looking for a role. we massively appreciate everyone who wants to work with us, but unfortunately, we can't offer roles to voice actors who reach out in this way. if you'd like to be a voice on a planar prod show, please keep an eye on our socials for casting calls! 

planar prod are a diverse team looking to platform voices that are often overlooked. we especially welcome pitches from BAME, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and other marginalised creators.

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