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created by morgan greenmsith & sorren briarwood

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The Hidden Bookcase is a book club podcast hosted by Morgan Greensmith and Sorren Briarwood. Each episode, we take it in turns to recommend one another a book, after making some blind predictions based on the cover, we discuss our thoughts having read (or reread) the book. The Hidden Bookcase has a particular focus on queer literature, and on science-fiction and fantasy.

The Hidden Bookcase currently releases monthly, Our current reading schedule can be found here.

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The Hosts

Morgan Greenwood and Sorren Briarwood are the hosts of The Hidden Bookcase. More information about them both is available on the meet the team page.

Release Schedule

Episodes of The Hidden Bookcase are released on the first Monday of the month at 5pm GMT. Episodes are roughly 1hr in length, excluding promos.


The Hidden Bookcase launched in June 6th 2022 and has been releasing episodes regularly ever since.

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