morgan greensmith (they/them)

Twitter: @Awkwardacity

Instagram: @awkwardacity

Morgan Greensmith is a Classics & English student, barista, and theatre kid. They watched Stardust and Narnia as a kid, and have made it their entire personality. As Creator of The Attic Monologues, they cry about characters that won't exist for several seasons, and occasionally write stuff. They also cohost The Hidden Bookcase with Sorren Briarwood.

​Morgan works with The [Listless] Network as a writer, director, voice actor and sound editor for Unnamed Anthology Podcast, Tranthologies, and On Asphalt Bones; they direct for Hit Replay, and voice act in To Chart A Well Trod Course.

In their free time, Morgan collects tea, complains about the inaccuracy of myth retellings, and wanders around in the woods hoping to be kidnapped by the fey. Ask them about tea, myth retellings, or childhood fantasy hyperfixations, and they WILL talk to you for hours. This is a threat.

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