max herzfeld (he/they)

Twitter: @maxherzfeld1

Max Herzfeld was born one minute before his twin sister and spent an extra week in the hospital due to troubles breathing. Now he's a voice actor and is very good at breathing. Max was drawn to theatre from a young age. Ever since he saw a child on stage in the Kopit and Yeston musical "Phantom" and thought "I can do that." Max has studied dance, music, and acting with the aim of performing on stage. When the covid shutdown happened and theaters were closed, Max was determined to keep acting and began his adventure into voice acting. He has since appeared in a number of video games and podcasts including Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic-Resurgence, Exeter: A Star Trek Fan Production, The Fause Knight, Liars & Leeches, as well as upcoming projects that are not yet announced. Check out his other released works here.

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