kaz gidman (they/them)

Instagram: @king.o.bees

Having been a theatre kid since year nine, Kaz Gidman is working hard to somehow make their passion their livelihood, whether it be on or backstage, in any way, shape, or form, while working at a Bistro in the meantime. Amateur Dramatics has been their acting outlet for the past five years, but they recently figured voice work would also help scratch the itch, and they're now one of the chaotic cast members of The Attic Monologues. Along with their passion for acting Kaz is quite a jack-of-all trades seemingly unable to not pick up or start a new hobby/project, the completion rate of which is best left unsaid.

Though a bit of an internet ghost, be sure to check out their socials if ever you want to hear them shout about their latest show, hyperfixation or project!

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