jura leopold (they/them)

Jura Leopold is an award winning podcast editor, radio play vinyl collector and creepy story enthusiast. They first got involved in podcasts around the end of 2020 and have not slowed down since.

They've been consuming audio media since they were able to understand what language is, with their first love being Horrible Histories CDs that came in Kellogg's cereal boxes, edited and sound designed by Dirk Maggs. Alongside Horrible Histories, there were also Roald Dahl audio dramas from newspapers and audiobooks from iTunes.

In 2022 they won the New York Radio Festival bronze award for Mnemosyne in the category of student and to celebrate, got a tattoo. They've worked on The Children of Room 56, 10ver.exe and Overbrook as a key editor, either as technical support or the main editor for episodes.

Alongside a passion and a formal education in audio at The Global Academy, they spend their time enjoying bike rides, watching films and planning RPG sessions in case someone wants to play something they haven't heard of.

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